drone approaching roof Using a drone for your home inspection business has many benefits, from increased revenue streams and quicker operations, to an enhanced safety and liability experience. Our latest blog series walked readers through all the ways in which drone use for  home inspections are helpful, and how to get started.

Drone use is no longer just for hobbyists. Drones are being used across businesses to help provide better insight and perspective. Drone use can be applied across various industries to provide valuable services, including for home inspections. Drones are a tool for inspectors to fill many gaps in the quality and timeliness of their reporting. They are also cost-effective, safer, and have commercial use cases, as well as residential.

The blog series focused on why drones are a good choice to enhance your home inspection business and how you can get started to apply the technology to your home inspection business.

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Drones increase your inspection and reporting quality

Drone technology has ushered in a whole new era for home inspections. Drones provide better inspections, in less time, and are providing more comprehensive reporting for customers. Drones unlock benefits such as enhanced accessibility and imaging , decreased damage to roofs, emissivity gauging, and better property marketing. Some home inspectors will argue that the only way to really inspect a roof is to walk on it, to feel it under your weight, but drones literally increase the capabilities of the naked eye.

Drones provide safer working conditions for inspectors

In 2022, 76% of employees in the United States say that they feel as though their employers are taking appropriate measures to protect them in terms of safety on the job.[1] But what if you didn’t have a boss or company to protect you? Many inspectors will argue that there is nothing more accurate than feeling a roof; that it takes all of your senses to truly know the quality of a roof. But at Drone Hangar, we have such expert command of drones that we know that it does not take falling through a sagging or soft roof to know the roof is sagging or soft. Drones also allow for reduced ladder and scaffolding use and a reduced fear for inspectors to complete their tasks.

Drones deliver better customer satisfaction

It’s difficult for a home seller to have to explain that they can’t answer questions about their roof or the structure of their home due to inaccessibility issues. Drones give home inspectors the ability to provide a more thorough and robust report for their customers, leaving no stone unturned. This provides peace of mind for customers knowing that they are providing an accurate inspection to the insurance companies and their buyers. Having this level of inspection ability also helps appraisers to accurately price properties and can get customers more for their home than expected.

Drones help meet demand for inspections

The housing market throughout the COVID-19 pandemic was a roller coaster. With record low interest rates, and an influx of cash through unemployment and stimulus money, houses were flying off the market, some from investors and many by first-time or upgrading home buyers. So while inspections during the COVID-19 pandemic were lagging, virtual tours and video of houses on the market did increase. In order to slow the spread but maintain the market, many private sellers and agencies alike were using video in order to sell homes.

Drones are a cost-efficient solution for home inspection businesses

When you can inspect more homes in less time, you’re making more money and saving yourself time and liability by not stepping on roofs yourself. Drones allow home inspectors to save time, require less follow up and back and forth, and increase the number of inspections completed per day. They also decrease costs of equipment and medical costs for accidents and injuries due to falls. Saving time saves money and staying safe provides job security and less risk of income loss. By using drones in home inspections, you can make more money and save yourself time and liability by not stepping on roofs yourself.

Getting Started with drone home inspections

If you’re already a home inspector, it will significantly benefit your business to apply drone technology to every inspection. If you’re considering entering the field, don’t move forward without discussing drone applications with a Drone Hangar expert. There are two chief aspects to getting started with drone technology–getting the right drone for your needs and connecting with experts who can guide you through the learning curves.

Drone Hangar provides end-to-end sales and service for all your drone needs. We can help you select the best drone for your use case, keep it running at an optimum level, teach and train you in drone piloting and provide advice for you and your home inspection business. Connect with a member of our team today to start the conversation that will revolutionize your home inspection business.


[1] 2022 Workforce Trends: Worker Safety Reshapes Workplace (adp.com)

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