drone on home inspectionDone manually, home inspection can be a time-consuming process. It’s also risky in terms of safety, which can have an impact on your business. Manual inspections do not always allow for complete views of all aspects of a property, which can lead to the buyers, sellers, or insurance companies needing more information The outcome of these things is a decrease in revenue for a home inspection business.

Drones solve these issues with time efficiency, comprehensiveness, and safety. They are the value add that any home inspector needs if they want to stay safe and make more money.

Drone inspections save time

The average home inspection takes two to two and a half hours.[1] This time can vary depending on a number of factors. For example, larger homes require more time to inspect and the same is true for older homes. Older homes are more likely to have safety issues or aspects that are not up to the current codes and require more lengthy inspections.

A drone can cut your inspection time by at least half, eliminating completely the need for ladders. With your feet planted in one spot, you can swiftly inspect and record a property. By cutting your time in half means, you are unlocking the ability to take on more inspections per day and increasing your income per day or hour.

Drone inspections require less follow up

With manual inspections, there may be less accessibility for certain types of properties. This is particularly true when it comes to large commercial spaces that require scaffolding or roofs that are unsafe or steep, which results in blocking off of particular angles. Without the accessibility of a drone, you may find that you need to return to a property and complete an inspection with different equipment or to get more detailed information.

When you can leave an inspection the first time, knowing that you have a comprehensive collection, you’re cutting down on time-consuming follow ups. With a drone, you can capture all the best footage, imaging, angles, and details needed to provide the buyer, home owner or agent with the information they need. When you are not spending time with back and forth communication with clients, you can move forward toward new inspections, as well as developing and growing your business.

Drone inspections reduce medical costs or income loss

It’s a solid fact that drone inspections are not only more efficient and comprehensive, but also safer than manual inspections. Drones provide safer roof inspections, and also reduce or completely remove the need for ladders or scaffolding. When an inspector’s feet are on the ground, they are safe from falls and, therefore, safe from injuries or worse. It does not take high falls to cause injury either; in fact, forty percent of falls that lead to death are from ten feet high or lower.

Most home inspectors are self-employed.[2] This means that if they are injured and are unable to work, income is reduced for that inspector, which can obviously affect livelihood. Also, being self-employed means that many home inspectors provide their own insurance. Major injuries or falls lead to medical costs and, depending on the insured status of an inspector, that can add up quickly.

Drones require less equipment

Especially for large commercial spaces, sometimes substantial equipment is needed in order to get a solid view of the space and property. Binoculars and rentals cost money, as does purchasing them for your business. This can impact your overall income. When you have a drone, you are increasing your potential revenue streams and completing more thorough inspections in less time with just a single piece of equipment.

Applying drone use to your home inspection business

Saving time saves money and staying safe provides job security and less risk of income loss. By using drones in home inspections, you can make more money and save yourself time and liability by not stepping on roofs yourself. With drones, you don’t need to rely on binoculars or invest in expensive equipment rentals to reach certain areas of larger structures. For the customer, drone inspections can be cost-effective, as well. They get a return on their investment more quickly and sometimes using a drone can identify a part of a structure that can be repaired less expensively than replacing, for example, an entire roof.

Drone Hangar is here to provide your business with the equipment and knowledge needed to elevate your home inspection business with drone technology. You can learn more about drone home inspections on our blog, shop for drones, or reach out to our team with questions.

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