I know I am a little behind in my blog and newsletter for this month, things have been a little crazy (in a good way). We recently did a big job doing some thermal roof inspections and it has been consuming all of my time recently. I did however want to share a quick video that I put together recently as a kind of marketing video. I shows some of the capabilities that we have with our Matrice 300. We just got the Zenmuse H20T quad sensor camera and it is very cool!. This video was put together with footage captured on the Matrice 300, Inspire 2 with X5S, and Mavic 3 (as well as some cell phone and Digital SLR cameras). I think the video came out pretty good but tell me what you think, all suggestions are welcome. At a minimum check out some of the cool footage and see what kind of footage these drones can produce. DJI just made an announcement that is kind of exciting and I will be sending out the newsletter soon to share it with you. Safe Flying!