Commercial drones have changed a number of industries in the past decade, and one of those industries is the photography industry. Drones are able to access tight spaces, fly into hard to access areas, and can take numerous aerial pictures. This ability can also be done for an affordable price and pictures can often be taken in under an hour, versus spending an entire day trying to get the shot. Our team at the Drone Hangar is available to provide aerial photography for a number of personal and commercial needs. Contact us today to discuss your project.

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drone with camera

There are a number of reasons why a person might require drone photography. Drones have become the safest and most convenient way to take photographs in nature, particularly when wild animals or dangerous conditions are involved. A drone can track animals, zoom in close, and can also fly over rivers, trees, lakes, and around hills. Drones can also fly over large tracts of farmland, beaches, or can take aerial photos of city landscapes. The purpose of these photos may be commercial in nature and can be used for marketing purposes. It may be for environmental groups to help study and track plants or animals in the wild. Or it may be for agricultural purposes to help track livestock or view changes to one’s land. Whatever one’s purpose for aerial photography, we are available for on time or ongoing photography services. Our team will discuss with you what you are attempting to photograph, will set up a time to come to the location site, and will take as many pictures as necessary until you get the shot you are looking for. Our high-speed software will allow the customer to review many of the photographs onsite, so that you can be assured that you have the photographs you need, whatever your purposes may be.

Drone experts providing consulting services to amateur drone photographers

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While it may make sense to hire a drone photographer for one-time aerial photography needs, there are other times when a person may need ongoing drone services. In this situation, it may make more sense to invest in a drone and learn how to take aerial photographs. But there are many types of drones out there and beginning the process can be overwhelming. Our drone experts can help an individual or business decipher what type of drone would meet their needs and budget. We can also provide training services, teach you how to fly your drone, and get you ready for the FAA part 107 drone pilot exam.

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Our drone photographers are available to serve the greater Cincinnati metro area and northern Kentucky. This includes the townships of Coleraine, Green, Anderson, Springfield, Delhi, Sycamore, etc., as well as Covington, Erlanger, Independence, Newport, Fort Thomas, Alexandria, and more. We also serve the Northern Cincinnati area to include Middletown and Springboro.

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