Drones and accompanying software have changed the construction industry and what can be accomplished in a short period of time. While 3D mapping and modeling is not new, a drone’s ability to take numerous aerial photos of a large landscape in a short period of time, and instantaneously upload those photos into specialized software has made construction projects easier to conceive and manage. 3D mapping can do everything from surveying land, creating 3D topographical maps, and creating 3D photographs of what finished construction projects will look like on certain topography. This technology can be used to not only conceive construction projects, and manage them, but can also be used in promotional and marketing materials. The use of 3D mapping technology is endless. Contact the Drone Hangar today for more information.

Cincinnati UAV company assisting small businesses with 3D mapping

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Aerial 3D mapping is accomplished through the use of photogrammetry. This was previously conducted through the use of a helicopter, but drones have made this extremely affordable and something smaller companies have access to. Aerial photogrammetry works by taking many, many high-resolution photographs that software then analyzes by identifying common “tie points” in each picture. By comparing these “tie points” the software can then determine the depth and elevation of each point and can build a 3D map by analyzing the 2D photographs. The software can then make specialized maps depending on what the customer requires, such as elevation maps, surface models, or Orthomosaics.

Industries benefitting from mapping & modeling


construction site

Agriculture & Farming

tractor farming

Real Estate Development

Apartment buildings

Environmental Monitoring

environmental monitoring

Real Estate Marketing

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The Mining Industry


For decades, this type of technology was something only companies with deep pockets could utilize. Drone technology now makes it possible for small and independent companies to compete with larger competitors. Contact us today to learn more.

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Kevin Hesterberg

Kevin Hesterberg
Founder & Lead Pilot

The team at the Drone Hangar are passionate about helping individuals in a variety of industries learn how drone technology can further their business and help them meet their goals. If you are interested in learning how 3D mapping and modeling software can benefit your business, the first step is to contact us directly. We will begin by asking you questions about your business and what you are looking to accomplish. We will discuss with you the ways that 3D maps and models could be utilized and then make an appointment to come to your property to do the mapping. This appointment will typically be less than sixty minutes and the mapping results will be available quickly. We will explain to you how to understand your models and send you copies of all of your material. 3D modeling and mapping services are affordable and efficient and can be done on a regular basis to track changes to an area. If you are interested in learning how to complete 3D modeling yourself, we can assist you with selecting the drone that would best fit your needs and provide guidance in how to study and sign up to get your FAA part 107 drone pilot license.

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The team at Drone Hangar is passionate about helping others expand their business. We are available for 3D modeling and mapping, as well as consultation on how best to introduce drone technology into your business. Our local region includes the greater Cincinnati metro area and northern Kentucky. This includes the townships of Coleraine, Green, Anderson, Springfield, Delhi, Sycamore, etc., as well as Covington, Erlanger, Independence, Newport, Fort Thomas, Alexandria, and more. We also serve the Northern Cincinnati area to include Middletown and Springboro. We are also available for virtual consultations for customers throughout the United States.

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