home inspector using droneIf you’ve been following along with this series all about why drones are a valuable addition to your home inspection business, then you may be wondering, “How can I get started?” The Drone Hangar is here to guide you on that path, ensuring that you have the drone that meets your needs, the training to execute on your business goals with it, and the regulatory information to stay within the laws of the Federal Aviation Administration.

If you have not read the preceding blog posts in this series, we suggest that you begin with the series overview and read through each of the six installments about why drones are valuable to your business. You can find these posts on The Drone Hangar blog.

Purchase a Drone

The first step in your journey with drone use in your home inspection business is pretty obvious–buy a drone. But this is not as simple as one may believe. There are many drones to choose from, with varying features, sizes and price points. Depending on your use cases, one drone may be better suited for you than another. The best way to determine which drone to purchase is to inquire with an expert. Blindly purchasing a drone at a big box retail store or online may be a waste of money and may discourage you from applying drone technology to your business if you don’t have the best experience.

The Drone Hangar team is abreast on all the newest and best drone technology, including how drones can be used for various businesses, and what will and will not work for your needs. They can help you land on the best choice for your business and budget.

You can also check out The Drone Hangar shop to see some of our top sellers and recommendations.

Get Licensed and Insured

Don’t risk not following the rules. The number one piece of advice that we give at The Drone Hangar, for drone-based business, is to operate above-board. If you earn money using your drone, you need a Part 107 license from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This commercial drone license allows you the certification you need to operate fixed-wing and copter drones.

However, be mindful that there are requirements which must be followed once you have your license. For instance, this Part 107 license only covers drones under 55 pounds. Be sure to read through all the rules on the Part 107 FAA webpage. The fines are not worth breaking the rules, at $1,100 per flight. There are also other considerations and rules regarding drone use, such as line of sight rules, meaning you need to see the drone at all times. You also have to mind airport locations. You can find all the information you need on the FAA website.

Train Yourself and Learn About Your Drone

Don’t expect to get your drone delivered and automatically be an expert. It is important not to get discouraged, and commit yourself to learning the tool, the technology and slowly putting it to practice. Just like any piece of equipment, drones do come with a learning curve. Be sure to take your time, practice with your drone, and learn about its features as intimately as possible. This is another reason to purchase your drone through an expert; our team has the ability to help you ramp up your drone skills and troubleshoot issues. It can take patience, but the outcome is exciting and a value-add to your business.

Start Small, and Scale

After you have learned about your drone and feel confident in its maneuverability and functions, it is best to start small and test out your drone abilities in small, isolated settings. You can use the drone to inspect alongside a typical inspection, using the drone only as a supplement. Then, when you become more familiar with its use and can review your footage and images and feel confident, then you can begin applying the technology at a more frequent pace until you can fully replace your standard inspections with drone technology.

You’re Not Alone with Your Drone

Our team are experts in drone flight and use of drones in home inspection. We are here to guide you on that journey and help you elevate your business with the technology. We stay up to date on all the newest drone developments and work with you to procure the best drone, master its features, stay safe during inspections, and drive revenue.

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