drone inspecting a houseAt The Drone Hangar, we talk a lot about how drone use is beneficial for home inspectors, but home inspectors are not the only ones who benefit from this technological advancement. All stakeholders in a property sale benefit from a home inspector leveraging drone technology.

Drone use provides more peace of mind for buyers, accurate appraisals for buyers and the most in-depth look into a property for those businesses who are brokering the deal (insurance companies, appraisers, real estate agents).

For the Home Buyer

For the buyer of a property, it’s important that they know exactly what they are getting into. Even if the seller has had the home inspection with a report, unless that inspection was completed with a drone, it would be wise to consider utilizing a drone home inspection to provide peace of mind and give yourself the ability to request any repairs or changes. The biggest pillars of a home inspection are the roofs, foundations, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical. Drone use gives a closer and deeper look for customers and also allows inspectors to gauge emissivity, or how much heat (or cool air) is escaping the home. This is important for buyers wanting to project the heating and cooling costs of their house into the overall cost.

For the Home Seller

If you’re selling your home and have not had it inspected, it’s difficult to accurately depict the state of the property in the listing and equally difficult to answer questions for potential buyers and their agents. Even if you, as a seller, have had an inspection, if the inspector did not use a drone, it’s likely that they may have had accessibility issues and were unable to fully inspect some aspects of the roof and structural integrity. Drones give home inspectors the ability to provide a more thorough and robust report for their customers, leaving no stone unturned and creating more trust in buyers’ minds.

For Agents and Insurance Companies

If you’re a real estate agent, an insurance agent, or a home appraiser, accuracy and in-depth details are what allow you to provide the best service. A drone inspection provides more detail, more images, videos and heat mapping that allow you to come up with the best appraisal amount, listing amount or insurance premium cost. With drone technology, your clients can expect that you are providing them with accurate costs and information, which, in turn, can get sellers the highest offers and buyers a fair price. All in all, drone technology for home inspections levels-up the satisfaction for everyone throughout the lifecycle of a property sale.

How to get started with drones

If you are interested in learning how to add drones into your home inspection business, join the leader in drone expertise by calling The Drone Hangar. We are the one-stop shop for all your drone needs. Our lead pilot has over 150 hours across multiple platforms and has completed over 700 flights for residential and commercial inspection applications. If there’s a partner to have when using drones for home inspections, it’s The Drone Hangar. Connect with us today!

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