Construction projects are ever changing and must adapt to a number of variables. Weather, issues with building materials, issues with soil, and unexpected issues with building plans can all cause delays on a construction project. Drone technology allows project managers to keep track of construction progress and communicate with owners, clients, building regulators, etc. Whether you are looking to outsource your 3D modeling or need to consult on the best UAV to purchase for your business, Drone Hangar can be of assistance. Contact us today.

Ohio drone company providing continuous monitoring from beginning to end of construction projects

drone flying over construction

Aerial photogrammetry can help a construction project stay the course from start to finish. During the pre-construction phase, drones are able to survey the land, will map the contours and terrain, and can show problem areas between the 2D construction plans based on the 3D model or help plan cuts and fills using volumetric calculations Once construction has begun, aerial views can help track the progress of your project, and can help project managers spot problematic areas quickly so that issues can be mitigated, and critical path deviations can be predicted. With cloud-based sharing software project managers and non-local team members can make decisions without being onsite or even in the same country. By being able to communicate with shareholders, building inspectors, subcontractors, and architects, decisions can be made quickly, and projects can continue on without lengthy delays.

Drone technology can benefit construction projects in numerous ways. Some of these ways include:

Topography and imagery for planning and marketing

drone flying over crops

Aerial Site Inspections

construction site

Real-Time Monitoring

drone flying by construction site

Land Surveys

land survey

Thermal Scan Inspections

construction thermal scan

Environmental Monitoring

monitoring environment

Whether your construction project is large or small, drones can often save time and money, and help smaller companies compete with larger developers. Contact us today to find out more.

Ohio drone experts providing guidance on how independent construction companies can utilize UAV technology

construction worker with drone

UAV technology is a game changer for construction projects. The use of drones increases safety on a project, while dramatically reducing the cost. Construction projects that use UAV progress monitoring are able to troubleshoot complications before they happen and are more likely to stay on budget and finish on time. Our team at the Drone Hangar seek to help small and large construction teams take their business to the next level. We are available to either provide your drone services on an outsourced basis, and set up a regular schedule in which to come monitor your project. Or, if you are ready to invest in your business, we can provide consulting services to help you determine what drone and software best meet your needs. We can also provide services to help you learn how to fly your drone and ensure that you and your other essential employees pass the FAA part 107 drone pilot licensing test. Whatever your business needs are, the Drone Hangar is here to help you take your construction company to the next level.

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Our team at the Drone Hangar are FAA licensed part 107 drone pilots as well as licensed residential and commercial property inspectors in both Ohio and Kentucky. We are available for onsite construction monitoring in the greater Cincinnati metro area and northern Kentucky. This includes the townships of Coleraine, Green, Anderson, Springfield, Delhi, Sycamore, etc., as well as Covington, Erlanger, Independence, Newport, Fort Thomas, Alexandria, and more. We also serve the Northern Cincinnati area to include Middletown and Springboro.

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