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Our History

After one of their inspectors had a pretty rough fall off of a ladder during a home inspection, Kevin Hesterberg and his father wanted to find a better way to inspect homes with safety, accuracy and speed. From this experience, Kevin–a master tinkerer and former F-15 crew chief in the U.S. Air Force–discovered that drones were a big part of the future of home inspections.

During months of research and development, Kevin and his father discovered all the various uses for drones in home inspection and other real-life applications. Further, the drones were actually able to do a better inspection job because they can see angles and areas of a roof that may be inaccessible to a human inspector. With drone prices on the decline but drone technology on the incline, Kevin and his father were ready to take the home inspection drone business to market. The Drone Hangar was born.

With intense drone experience and the ability to service the devices, The Drone Hangar offers the technology, consultation, and education to totally pivot your business toward the future with safety and efficiency.

Our Drone Fleet

The drones that we offer are all equipped with high-definition photography capability and up to 5K ultra video. We also have the ability to mount the camera you need for the job that you’re facing. We typically suggest adding a high-powered zoom camera or thermal imaging camera for a wide range of inspection and photography applications.

Our current fleet includes:

DJI Spark

DJI Mavic Air

DJI Mavic Air 2

Mavic 2 Pro

Phantom 4 Pro

DJI Inspire 2

Matrice 210 RTK, with dual and top gimbal mounting options

2 drones that we have built

Even though we don’t use some of these drones for our jobs we do have experience and knowledge about a wide variety of drones to help advise and guide our clients both past and future.

What Makes Our Drone Services Different For Home Inspectors & Realtors

Drone flying over water


Drones are at the bleeding edge of inspection and business application technologies. We have the ability to service you end to end. From the selection and purchase of your drone to the education needed and beyond, we are one partner for all your drone needs. We are also able to keep your drones in tip-top shape with our maintenance services.

Drone hovering over a person's hand


We don’t only try to sell the most expensive drones. We work with each client one on one to determine their needs and select a drone that will perform optimally for their business. Beyond that, we don’t sell and run. The Drone Hangar is always on-hand to consult, answer questions and to help you ensure that your teams have the skills necessary to use the drones properly and safely.

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We are committed to providing quality in everything from our drone selection to our service and education. We only work with the best manufacturers and will help you select the drone that fits your unique needs. We also help teach you how to get the highest quality imaging for your business so that you find success in your drone investment.

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When you have an issue, The Drone Hangar is here to help. Whether it’s a broken part, a technical problem, camera/photo errors or decision-making for your drone business application, we work to help keep your operations running smoothly in any way we can. We also stand by our work, if something isn’t right, we fix it! We also offer online and in-person training programs, including private lessons for you and your team.

Want to learn more about Drone Hangar? Check out our blog or our Frequently Asked Questions.

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