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The drone expert you need for inspections, service and training across Ohio and beyond.
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Drone Hangar

The drone expert you need for inspections, service and training across Ohio and beyond.
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We work with businesses and individuals around the country to provide top-notch drone sales and service. We will train you and your team to utilize drone technology for home inspections, commercial inspections, or real estate imaging. Check out all our drone sales and service information or reach out to an expert staff member to talk through your specific needs. We assist individuals and businesses in Ohio and throughout the United States.

Drone sales and training for home & commercial inspections as well as for use by real estate agents

For work. For play. For everything in between.

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Drone For Home Inspections

Drones are changing the landscape for home inspectors. They provide safety, accuracy and allow you to reduce costs and time spent on each inspection. Our founders are certified resellers of drones and are also certified home inspectors. This means we can provide you with the best drone for your needs and the instruction to go with it. Revolutionize your home inspection operations with the power of drone technology. By utilizing the proper drone and the proper process you can perform a much better roof inspection, while doing so safely and reliably.

We have also partnered with EyeStick to provide a safe means to inspect roofs when weather, Airspace, or Flight Restrictions prevent drone use. Even though drone use is the best way to inspect high areas, our goal is to help you inspect safely. By utilizing other tools we can help you stay safe while still providing a high quality inspection.

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Drones for Commercial Inspections

It’s no secret that inspecting large commercial locations requires investment, time, and manpower. Drones offer you the power to quickly and cost-effectively inspect large buildings with pinpoint accuracy, reducing the need for expensive construction projects through the use of drone and thermal imaging technology. Save thousands of dollars by knowing exactly where your roof issues are, only repairing what needs to be repaired. If done regularly, issues can be found before they cause more damage which saves you money. We can also use aerial thermography to quickly inspect the exterior envelope, doing this allows you to see where your areas of energy loss are so you can even possibly take steps to lower your energy costs. We also have powerful 2-D and 3-D mapping technology that can provide measurements, volumetrics, and other critical data that allow you to monitor construction projects. We can also provide you with the knowledge and equipment to set up your in-house drone program and take the guess work out of it for you. For a complete list of what we can do for your commercial building and or project contact us today.

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Drone For Use By Real Estate Agents

Make buying and selling a home easier for everyone! Drones are the perfect way to give potential buyers aerial views of the home. Equipment can also be used by real estate agents to provide guided home tours and deliver building updates for new constructions directly to clients. Elevating your realty business with drone technology will give you a sharp competitive advantage. We can either do this for you or help you do it yourself by providing you with the knowledge and equipment that you need to do it right.

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Drone Training & Consultancy

So you bought a drone. Congratulations! But in order to find success with your inspections, you will really benefit from proper training. We offer education course videos and training so that you can understand and harness the technology. We also participate in nationwide virtual events and in-person trade shows (when it’s safe). We are committed to keeping up with the latest advances in drone technology and passing that knowledge onto our customers.

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Drones Sale & Service

We work with hand-selected drone manufacturers as licensed resellers to provide you and your business with the best drone for your needs. We also carry the accessories you need and can maintain and refurbish your existing drones to keep your operations running smoothly. We want you to find success with your drone and we have the knowledge to know which drone will work best for your needs. Because we use our drones to generate revenue, we understand that downtime costs money, which is why we make it a priority to get you back up in the air as quickly as possible. In most cases we can have your drone repaired and returned faster than other shops. We also use manufacturer approved or original parts on all of our repairs, all of our parts are high quality and come from US based distributors to ensure the fastest turnaround.

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Why Inspectors & Real Estate Agents Should Choose Drone Hangar

The Drone Hangar is the leader in drone expertise and is the one-stop shop for all your drone needs. Our lead pilot has over 150 hours across multiple platforms and completed over 700 flights for residential and commercial inspection applications. He also has performed Real Estate photography and video jobs. He is a certified sUAS repair technician, a level 1 sUAS Thermographer, Level 1 handheld thermographer, and Part 107 Pilot.

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