Aerial Photography, Inspections, Sales and Service

The Drone Hangar provides a wide range of drone related services to meet all of your needs!

Our Equipment

Our fleet of drones all have High definition photography capability and up to 5K ultra video. We also have the ability to mount a high powered zoom camera and thermal imaging camera for a wide range of inspection and photography applications.

Our current fleet includes the DJI Mavic Air, Mavic Pro 2, Phantom 4 Pro, and Matrice 210 RTK with dual and top gimbal mounting options.

Our Team

The Drone Hangar’s lead pilot has over 150 hours across multiple platforms and completed over 700 flights for residential and commercial inspection applications. He also has performed Real Estate photography and video jobs.

He is a certified sUAS repair technician, a level 1 sUAS Thermographer, Level 1 handheld thermographer, and Part 107 Pilot.

Why Us?

We are your one stop shop for Drone related applications. Whether you are an inspector wishing to add a drone related service to your list of offerings, a real estate professional looking to market a property, a homeowner wishing to get an aerial photo of your house to hang on your wall, or need to get some repairs done on your drone after a “hard landing” we can do it all.

Our drone inspections are done in conjunction with experts with many years of experience so if you need analysis of defects along with photos and videos we have you covered.


Aerial Photography,Commercial and Residential roof inspections,Aerial Infrared Inspections,Engineering and Architectural inspections, and consulting for those wishing to add a drone to their business.

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