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This online course is provided by Drone Pilot Ground School and provides everything that you need to prepare for your FAA Part 107 Test. Once you are done with checkout you will receive a link via email that takes you to your account setup for the course.

Why we are partnered with Drone Pilot Ground School:

99%+ Success Rate

Over 99% of our students pass the FAA exam on their first attempt, even though most of them have no prior experience in aviation. If they can do it, so can you.

Money-Back (and Passing) Guarantee

If you don’t pass the FAA exam after taking our course, We’ll refund you AND will also cover your test center fee ($175). This rarely happens, but we have your back in case it does.

Lifetime Access

To keep your license, you’ll need to pass a recurrent FAA knowledge test every 24 months. Our students get lifetime access to our online training course, which we update regularly with the industry.

70+ Video & Text Lessons

Access a curriculum built in partnership with a Gold Seal Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) and former Chief Pilot of a Part 141 Flight School to align directly with the FAA’s remote pilot certification requirements.

Lesson Quizzes & 5 Practice Tests

Quiz yourself at the bottom of each lesson, and take our full-length practice tests to see if you’re ready to take the FAA’s exam. Our answer key has full explanations for each question, so you’ll know why a certain answer is correct.

Real FAA Test Questions

Master the FAA’s test concepts with our database of 300+ multiple choice questions. After completing a practice test, you’ll be emailed a performance report and a breakdown of your incorrect responses.

One on One Support

Email, call or send us a voice message. You get unlimited support for your burning questions. Our course is online, but you won’t be on your own.

Drone Pilot Knowledge Center

We’ve rounded up the most common questions from our students and built a searchable Q&A database, so you benefit from those that went before you.

Cram Sheet

Use our 12-page cram sheet to cement important concepts before taking the test. Key takeaways from each lesson are all in one place to help you study more effectively.

Flight Proficiency Training

While flight proficiency isn’t required by the FAA, we hold our students to a higher standard. Receive a Drone Pilot Ground School diploma when you pass our flight proficiency challenge.

Business Operations Lessons

Learn from a drone lawyer and other industry professionals about how they approach important legal, marketing, insurance, and business considerations.

Fits Your Learning Style

Whether you learn best by listening, reading, or doing, we use all of these tactics to help you learn. We also have closed captioning in each of our video lessons.



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