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Whether you are planning on using your drone as part of a business, do your own drone work for Real Estate, or you want to put amazing aerial photos and videos on a monetized online platform like YouTube, you need a Part 107 License. You can take an online course but why not take a guided course with an experienced commercial drone pilot and learn how to operate a drone at the same time? This course is designed to get you the knowledge that you will need to pass your FAA test while also getting practical knowledge that will help you be a successful commercial drone pilot.

  • Learn the information required to pass and how to fly a drone all in 3 days!
  • Your questions will be answered by an experienced commercial drone pilot!
  • Interact and network with others and we have a “pass your test” guarantee!
  • Learn all the different ways you can get paid for flying a drone!
  • Bring your own drone or use one of ours. No prior knowledge is needed

“Stock Levels” do not apply, if you “backorder” this course you will be notified of the next upcoming date via email. You can also view our events Here.


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