drone with laptopDrone technology can increase the efficiency and safety for home inspectors, roofers, and any other business that needs to view a roof for business purposes. Drone technology allows one to measure a roof, take up close photos, and can be used in rain or icy weather. However, a drone is not a toy. By definition, a drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and its operations are regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). In order for a roofer or home inspector to utilize drones in their business, they must first obtain the correct certification from the FAA.

Roofers and Home Inspectors must obtain a Remote Pilot Certificate prior to operating a drone for business purposes

Drones come in a variety of sizes and can be used for both commercial and recreational purposes. A business that is utilizing a drone weighing 55 pounds or less will operate their UAV under part 107 of the FAA’s guidelines. Part of these guidelines requires that all potential operators become FAA certified. In order to qualify for this certificate, all applicants must:

  • Be at least 16 years of age
  • Have the ability to fluently speak, read, and write English
  • Do not have a recent conviction for any state or federal law relating to alcohol or any narcotic, marijuana, stimulant or depressant drug
  • Have both an adequate mental and physical health condition required to safely operate a drone
  • Must pass a knowledge test from the FAA

As drones have the ability to take aerial photos, fly over civilians, and fly in the airspace, it is important for all operators to understand the rules of safely operating a drone[1].

Roofers and home inspectors need to plan ahead prior to incorporating drone technology into their business

Becoming a drone pilot is not as simple as filling out an application online and purchasing a drone. Pilots who plan to use their drone for business purposes must go through a series of steps before they can begin to legally use their drone for those purposes. In the upcoming articles, I will explain each step roofers and home inspectors need to accomplish prior to utilizing a UAV. Steps I will discuss include:

  • Studying for the Knowledge test and important information to know
  • Applying for a Remote Pilot Certificate and taking the test
  • Purchasing and registering your drone with the FAA
  • How to keep your certificate current once you are approved

The Drone Hangar was founded by a father and son home inspection team who began utilizing drones when an employee had a bad fall from a roof. We have first hand experience in operating our equipment safely, becoming certified and staying up to date with any FAA regulation changes. We offer both education and consultation to new and experienced pilots. If you have any questions regarding how to get started with obtaining your Remote Pilot Certificate, do not hesitate to call today.


[1] Certified Remote Pilots Including Commercial Operators (faa.gov) — Accessed at https://www.faa.gov/uas/commercial_operators