SYMIK A310-MA2 Waterproof Hard Carrying Case for DJI Mavic Air 2 / Air 2S Drone/Fly More Combo



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  • 【Compatible with DJI RC, RC Pro Smart Controller, OLD DJI Smart Controller and SRC】The P380-MA2DL-V3 is designed to be compatible with DJI Air 2S / Mavic Air 2 Drone and ALL DJI Controller Models, DJI RC Pro / NEW DJI Smart Controller, the OLD DJI Smart Controller and Standard Remote Controller; Please Note, IF YOU BOUGHT YOUR AIR 2S with “SMART CONTROLLER” AFTER NOVEMBER 2011, MOST LIKELY YOU ARE GETTING THE NEW SMART CONTROLLER (DJI RC Pro), WHICH WILL FIT IN THIS CASE;
  • 【SYMIK Dual Layer Versatility】Introducing the P380-MA2DL-V3 Air 2S & Mavic Air 2 Case with SYMIK Dual Layer Versatility; The P380-MA2DL-V3 is the most capable Air 2S & Mavic Air 2 case you can find. With dual layer construction, you can fit one of the SYMIK landing pads (LP500E, LP570, LP690) and an iPad up to 12.9″ iPad Pro plus an iPad Mini at the bottom layer; Well designed top layer has a large open storage area which fits most popular tablet/iPad holders on the market;
  • 【Your Storage Needs in Our Mind】Besides the above mentioned features, the P380-MA2DL comes with a Free Bonus SD Card Case in the foam tray in the compartment for the 6th battery. You can fit up to 6 micro SD Cards and 1 Standard SD card in the SD Card storage case; Dedicated slot for the DJI filters and the Smart Controller Charger is also provided;
  • 【Complete Protection】The P380-MA2DL-V3 Air 2S case is made of military grade PP plastic alloy, which is wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, pressure-resistant; With best grade foam insert, our case offers peace of mind protection for your investment.

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Weight 76.8 oz
Dimensions 16.5 × 13.1 × 7 in


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