In-person Part 107 Bootcamp (TBD)




This is an in-person, 3 day course designed to get you ready to take your FAA Unmanned Aerial General (UAG) Knowledge Test which is a requirement for obtaining your Part 107 Certificate. The Part 107 certification is required for commercial drone pilots. If you are using your drone for anything other than recreation, you will need your Part 107 and we are here to help you get it!

This class will be guided by an experienced commercial drone pilot that can answer your questions and help you learn some complicated information in a short amount of time. We will be going through modules such as laws, Airspace, Crew Resource Management, Weather, and other required knowledge that you will need to know to pass your test. Each student will receive access to practice tests and an online knowledge base, Paperback Part 107 Study guide, tips and tricks for studying and passing your test, and other useful items.

The last half of the 3rd day we will be discussing applications for drone use, how you can make money with a drone, and we will also be giving hands on drone flight instruction. If you have a drone that you would like to bring in you can use it, if not, we will have one you can use. This course is designed to get you prepared to take your test as quickly as possible. This course comes with a “Pass your test guarantee” so you have nothing to lose! We will also help you schedule your test for 1-2 weeks out so that you can keep the information fresh and get this done as soon as possible!

Class location:

Inspector Education Institute

1200 Rt 130 Robbinsville, NJ 08691

Day 1: 7:30 AM-6:00 PM (local), Days 2 and 3: 8:00AM-6:00 PM (local)

This is for an out of State Class and once a minimum class size is reached, you will be notified with the date and location (we will give plenty of notice to allow for people to plan accordingly). If you are unable to make the scheduled date, we can keep your spot for the next class.

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  1. Kevin Hesterberg

    Reviews copied from Google:

    “I can not recommend the Part 107 in person class enough. Kevin is an incredible educator. There wasn’t a question asked that he didn’t know the answer to. He effectively and efficiently teaches you what you need to know to obtain your license. I had zero knowledge on FAA regulations and was able to pass the test the Monday following the training. His knowledge on drone technology also helped me make a smart decision on what drone would work best for my business. Thanks a ton Kevin!”

    “I participated in the In-Person Part 107 Test Prep “Bootcamp”. I was skeptical going into the class thinking I should have just taken the online course, but that was wrong. Having in-person class was extremely helpful in learning the material, if you had any questions or didn’t understand something you had instant feedback and answers. Having never flown a drone I got to see different ones and test fly some to figure out which would be appropriate for my needs. It is a boot camp we had long days of lots of information, but we had plenty of breaks and lunch being provided was very nice and convenient. Taking this course with the pass guarantee and the complete coverage of material and practice tests made it easy for me the pass the part 107 test with a 88% and no problems.”


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