How did The Drone Hangar Start?


My name is Kevin Hesterberg. I am the owner, lead pilot and head repair technician of The Drone Hangar LLC. I have always enjoyed fixing and building things and this started at a very young age, but I have also always had a love of aviation. When I decided to join the military these two passions drove my decision to join the U.S Air Force with the specific goal of becoming a fighter aircraft maintenance technician. After Tech School I was given my dream job, working on the F15c Fighter as an Assistant Dedicated Crew Chief.

Shepard AFB 1999

Unfortunately, due to an injury my military career was cut short and I found myself back in the civilian world trying to decide how I could get back into a job that involved both repair and aviation. It has been a long road getting here but I can say once again that I love what I do! How did I get here you ask? Well, first I got a degree in investigation and security (I know, not really related to this huh?) and after some time as a site manager for a local security company I started working with my father in his home inspection business.

I won’t bore you with all the details, but at some point my father had a fall from a ladder and even though the injuries weren’t as bad as they could be, he was still pretty banged up. Shortly after that, while I was in my local hobby shop, I saw a Tali H500 drone and noticed that the price for drones had come down quite a bit and a light bulb went off. I pitched the idea about using a drone to do roof inspections as a way to prevent any more ladder injuries. We got the drone and started working with it but, the technology still wasn’t where it needed to be for me and the idea was scrapped.

Walkera Tali H500
Nice drone but didn’t work for our purposes.

Then I heard about a new drone by DJI called the Mavic Air. I was impressed with the price, safety features, and the avoidance capabilities and thought that maybe it was time to try again and this time I was not disappointed. We did the R & D and after 2 months we found that not only could we inspect a roof faster and with better safety, but that we actually were seeing things that the naked eye could not. So now every home inspection that our home inspection company performs includes a roof inspection using a drone, and our fleet has grown from one Mavic Air to a fleet of 4 drones.

Our Equipment (Notice the Mavic Air in bottom left corner?)

But How did we get to the point where we were now selling drones, drone inspections, and repairs? Well as I used the drone more and more and learned how valuable of a technology it was for the purpose of inspection, I also realized that there was no one really talking to inspectors and real estate professionals about drones. As I talked to more people in these industries I realized that a lot of people a) didn’t have all the information that they could about drones b) a lot of people still think that a drone inspection isn’t valuable c) even if they see the value they don’t want to take the risk. I also started hearing about struggles people were having when buying drones or getting them repaired (i.e. long turn around time). So I decided that not only would I be the one to make sure that people got the drone that they needed instead of just the one that someone told them to buy because it was the most expensive one, but that I would provide repairs and service with the fastest turn around that I could, and so The Drone Hangar was born!

While our online store is open for all, we specialize in drone technology applications for home inspections, commercial inspections, and real estate applications so if you are in those businesses we are here to be your resources.