About Us

The Drone Hangar is a full service drone shop. We offer the following services:

  • Sales
  • Service and Repair
  • Drone Warranties
  • Aerial Inspection Services
  • Aerial Photography/Videography Services
  • Consulting Services in Implementing Drone Technology
  • Education


Our online store carries a full line of Drones and Drone Accessories. Currently, we sell mostly DJI drones but will be adding other brands in the future. Even if a drone is not listed on our site, if you are interested in another brand of drone or a drone accessory let us know and we can get it for you. We have a large list of items that we still have to add to the site and will be adding new products frequently so check back often!

We also attend various Home Inspector conferences and shows to talk about our products and services and will post a notice of when and where we will be attending so you can come meet us in person.

Service and Repair

Our drone technicians are certified in drone repair and can fix your damaged drone. If something isn’t working properly or you crashed your favorite drone (We know that it happens so don’t be embarrassed) contact us and we can take care of it. If you want a certified drone technician to look your drone over and make sure its in working order we can do that too and once you we are done you will have a document that says that it was looked over which is great for your maintenance logs.

Drone Warranties

We offer extended warranties through CPS that cover accidental damage for either one or two years. This warranty can be renewed and even transferred if you sell the drone while it still has the warranty in effect. This drone coverage is excellent and will allow you to have your drone repaired if it crashes. Just pay your deductible and its done! This warranty does not cover loss or theft and consumable items such as batteries and blades will not be covered but if you toast your gimbal (usually the most expensive part to fix) don’t sweat it, CPS has you covered. For a full list of coverage and FAQ’s click here.

Aerial Inspection Services, Photography, and Videography

We specialize in drone technology for both the home inspection and real estate industries and have extensive experience in utilizing drone technology in these areas. We have used drone technology to increase safety and inspection quality for multiple home inspection companies and other industries for both residential and commercial properties. Our drone fleet consists of smaller drones and even a large commercial drone for specialized inspections such as Infrared Inspections, Zoom capability for getting close when you can’t get a drone near the object (Wind turbines, cell towers, etc), top mounted camera applications such as bridge inspections, Etc.

Whether you are part of an engineering firm who needs to inspect a structure, a home inspector that wants us to look at a roof that you can’t get onto, a real estate professional who wants aerial photos or video, or just someone that wants a great aerial photo to put on their wall, we have you covered! Please note we mainly do work in the Greater Cincinnati Tri-State area. We will travel to other states for some inspections services but travel fees may apply, contact us if you are interested and we can give you a quote.

Consulting Services

As mentioned earlier on this page, we specialize in using drones for inspection purposes and offer consultation for our customers that allows them to learn from our experience gained in over 900 roof inspections. We can also help you learn how to best use a drone technology in your current industry or if you are trying to decide how to use a drone for a future business idea. We are always available for questions concerning the use of drones and ways that this technology can benefit our customer.

If your company or department is interested in Enterprise drones like the Matrice Series we can come and give a demonstration of its capabilities and we have leasing options for business and government agencies to help obtain the equipment that you need that fits your budget.


We currently offer an online Part 107 course which is available for purchase in the online store. We will be adding a page soon that lists the in person courses that we have to offer for those who wish to have us come out and give a course. We have the ability to put on a whole list of courses so if you are interested before we get the page published just let us know and we can tell you what we have to offer. We need at least 10 people minimum for these courses, if you would like more information or pricing contact us and we can answer any questions that you may have. When we will be putting on a course, we will post the information such as location, date, and how to register as they come up.